Akar Textile

Our principle is:
“Sustainable Textile”.
Welcome to Akar Textile,
which brings sustainable brands to life
through its creative design power,
dynamic production capacity of three thousand people
and innovative R&D center!


Sustainability-focused, high employment and high customer satisfaction.


Original designs and high quality products on an international scale.


Always sustainable: respectful of people and the environment, creative and hardworking.


Growing and growning with honest, reliable and sustainable production.


at our every step

“From human resources practices to R&D projects, from stakeholder relations to social responsibility projects, from material selection in production to the energy use and from the protection of natural resources to the management of waste resources, we act with the awareness of sustainability in every step of our production.”


R&D Center

Design Center


Sustainable awareness, sustainable production!

Welcome to the first and only LEED Certified Green Factory of the Southeastern Anatolia Region!

Akar Textile’s environmentally friendly, sustainable latest investment is respectful to nature, stingy in energy use and cutting edge technology!

LEED Certified

Akar Textile Savur Factory

News from Akar Textile


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