Akar Textile

Mr. Hayrettin Akar, closely following every stage of the textile industry since 1990, realized his knowledge and experience with Akar Textile, which he established in 2004 in Izmir. Akar Textile, operating in a thousand square meters closed area until 2006, with nearly 3 thousand employees in the production of women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear, and with a total of 200 thousand square meters of production areas in Izmir, Manisa and Mardin, today, has taken place in Turkey’s largest apparel and garment manufacturers.

In addition to sustainable production tools in its investments, Akar Textile based on human resources, has increased the number of employees by 100 percent in the last 2 years, and has made the biggest investment in people and focused on employment.

Akar Textile, which decided to expand its production areas in 2018 and expand it to different cities, contributed to sustainable production with the first and only LEED Certified green factory of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, which he first established in Kula and then built in Mardin Savur.

Akar Textile, which creates a new production network by establishing factories in Manisa and Mardin, increases its production capacity and efficiency day by day with the awareness of sustainability and the power given by the R&D Center.

Reflecting its power in production to design, Akar Textile, prepares and manufactures original collections of many global and national brands with the Design Center he established.

Thanks to its creativity and speed in the design process, a high percentage of Akar Textile’s designs, such as 70 percent, do not stay in design, but take their place in showcases.

Akar Textile, which had an annual turnover of 350 thousand euros in 2004, when it started production, aims at an annual turnover of 70 million euros by 2020. Akar Textile, which has become one of the top 5 ready-to-wear companies in the Aegean Region, loads its productions with 5-6 week deadlines for the world’s leading brands H&M, Inditex, George, C&A, Mango, We Company and LC Waikiki.

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  • Akar Textile was established by Mr. Hayrettin Akar in Izmir in 2004,
  • Until 2006, it served with 35 employees in a thousand square meters closed area,
  • In 2006, it moved to a larger area with a closed area of ​​3 thousand square meters, then by increasing the production area and productivity, and also increased its number of personnel to 300,
  • By entering into a strategic partnership with Fa-Si Tekstil in 2007, it continued its production activities in an area of ​​12 thousand square meters in the following year,
  • It increased the number of personnel to 900 in 2014, and dissolved its partnership with Fa-Si Tekstil at the end of the same year,
  • At the end of 2015, it moved to its current main İzmir factory, with a total area of 100 thousand square meters, 50 thousand square meters of which is open space, and turned into a joint stock company,
  • While it had an annual turnover of 350 thousand Euros in 2004, when it was established, it had 1600 employees and had a turnover of 50 million Euros in 2017,
  • With its factories in Izmir, Manisa and Mardin, the number of employees is now close to 3 thousand. Akar Textile, which targets an annual turnover of 70 million Euros, continues its production activities together with the awareness of sustainability.


Akar Textile, which includes sustainability in all areas of production, is preferred by its customers with its high employment rate and supply chain, grows with its team and aims to develop and develop as it grows, takes as a mission to realize customer satisfaction oriented productions in line with all these purposes.

Akar Textile, thanks to the participation and support of its employees, aims to implement the quality management system and sustainable production understanding it has created in the most efficient way and to improve it continuously.

Akar Textile, which can meet the needs of many global brands with its high quality productions, has a production approach that is open to innovations and can integrate all kinds of software and hardware technologies in every field of production in order to ensure and increase customer satisfaction.


Akar Textile will support economic development on a local and national scale with a sustainable understanding. In addition to being a brand that respects its suppliers and serves world brands with its own designs, it also adopts the vision of being a leading knitted ready-to-wear company that realizes high quality productions verified by quality management systems accepted all over the world and provides added value to the country by creating the highest employment in its region.


♦ Sustainable production in a social and environmental manner,

♦ Respect for human,

♦ Reliability and transparency,

♦ Being open minded,

♦ Customer satisfaction,

♦ Team spirit,

♦ Creativity,

♦ Ability of initiative / decision-making,

♦ Providing added value to the economy,

♦ Being open to development.


♦ To implement our targets and strategies under our values ​​and to grow on the basis of development in targeted markets,

♦ To ensure and increase employee satisfaction,

♦ To raise the quality level in order to maintain and raise the continuity of quality,

♦ To produce and serve at a level to ensure customer loyalty,

♦ To work in accordance with the environmental laws regarding the sector and to serve as a model,

♦ To act responsibly towards the environment and future generations by using energy in the most efficient way,

♦ To minimize the use of natural resources as much as possible,

♦ To ensure continuous development with an environmentalist approach in parallel with technological developments,

♦ To fulfill the requirements of the labor law,

♦ Not to employ children under the age of 16, which is considered as child labor in our business,

♦ To always prioritize the health and safety of our employees,

♦ To raise the importance given to training as management and employees by including training on quality development and the environment, to increase the standards of the company employees, to develop environmental awareness and to make it a part of the quality system of employees.