Covid-19 Early Diagnosis and Filiation Possible with Wearable Technology

In the new type coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, as important as the cure for the disease is, early diagnosis and preventing the spread is also essential. Now, everybody knows the infectiousness of the disease rises especially in populated closed areas, in situations where mask-distance-hygiene rules aren’t paid attention to. As health risk elevates with the pandemic, social life and production is getting restricted. With this idea in mind, Akar Textile’s R&D specialists and Semaphore Technology will carry out wearable technology in order to early diagnose and follow-up the disease as partners.

long with protecting public health; continuity will be provided in education and production; this way social life and national economy will not be interrupted.

TÜBİTAK Supported R&D Project

The project which will be approved and supported by TÜBİTAK, also carries great importance regarding industrial-small business cooperations. It is a general known fact that high body temperature is the key symptom in Covid-19 and similar pandemics. In the joint project of Akar Textile R&D Center and Semaphore Technology; thanks to wearable technology, a person’s fever measurement will be done by not departing from Personal Data Protection Law. Thus, while the disease symptoms begin to appear, we will also gain vital information about the people who may have had contact with infected people regarding the filiation process. And with machine learning technology, areas with high risk zones will be taken under precaution regarding the pandemic. This project will be able to be used in other viral diseases with high fever symptoms.

“Our Goal; continuity in health, education and economy”

While the society’s health is secured with this project, Akar Textile’s head of R&D Center Nihal Fidan emphasizes that safe manufacturing and securing social living areas can also gain from the procedure. Nihal Fidan (2nd from the left) said, “As everybody knows, coronavirus’ one of the most important symptom is high fever. With wearable technology, by setting up in places like schools and workplace entrances, measurement of fever and its data will be processed into the computer system and will send notifications to the system manager. This way the disease will be able to be diagnosed early and stop its spread in advance. Along with protecting public health; continuity will be provided in education and production; this way social life and national economy will not be interrupted. Which is exactly the intetion of our project; providing continuity in health, education and economy. With assets like these our R&D project is a public welfare situation.” Akar Textile R&D Center Director Nihal Fidan also states that the project will be applied for the first time domestically; health, textile, hardware and software industries will be given a new perspective she added.

Early Diagnosis Possible with Machine Learning Technology

Akar Textile’s R&D Assistant Director Tercan Kemal Beyaz (2nd from the right) said that, “In our R&D project, diagnosing via wearable technology, by obiding to the Personal Data Protection Law, people with high fever will be able to be traced in crowded places like schools and factories. Within the scope of the project; textile planning of wearable technology, manufacturing and testing stages will be carried out by Akar Textile R&D Center, the project’s software responsibility lays on Semaphore Technology.”

Because the system will be operating via automatisation, temperature measurements and records will be kept automatically, explains Prof. Dr. Alp Kut founder of Semaphore Technology (3rd from the left), and with machine learning technology; based on infected people, we will be able to take swift precautions for contacted people and high risk areas in a short period of time. Prof. Dr. Alp Kut who states by completing the project in a short period of time – 1 month – the project, along with community health, social and work life, it will also become a prominent commercial item. Kut said, “Because there isn’t any study regarding this subject, we will also be applying for utility model registration too.”

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