Happy Energy Efficiency Week!

We are at Energy Efficiency Week on January 10 – 16!

Textile and apparel is a sector where resources are used intensively due to its environmental effects.

Sustainability, which we prioritize as environment, human and material; Our guide in energy management as well as at every stage of production.

As Akar Textile, with our “Sustainable Textile” principle, we adopt the conscious industry and produce with this awareness. For a sustainable future; We make nature-friendly production based on energy efficiency with our existing technologies, and we prefer directly sustainable production systems in our new investments.

Our Mardin factory, which was awarded the LEED Certificate in November 2021, is the most up-to-date example of this.

In line with our Long Term Sustainability Strategies covering 2022, 2023 and 2024; While creating more value for our stakeholders, we aim to reduce our environmental effects.

As Akar Textile; We know that we will create a sustainable future with sustainable energy, we know that we will establish this future with the correct management of renewable energy and existing resources.

In this context, our goals to achieve are:

  • Reducing electricity consumption by 25 percent with the solar power plant project,
  • To provide 1 percent reduction in pollutant parameters in emission sources,
  • To reduce hazardous and non-hazardous wastes from factories by 15 percent,
  • Continuing to comply with 100 percent according to the ZDHC prohibited list in product and wastewater,
  • To reduce water consumption in production areas by 25 percent.

Happy Energy Efficiency Week!

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