So Good to Have You Golden Girls!

They are the most precious of Akar Textile; “Golden Girls”. They are proof that labor, solidarity and cooperation can take place at any age and under any circumstances.

Our acquaintance, which started 8 years ago by chance, turned into friendship over time, and later on, we embodied this friendship with our social responsibility project. They prepare clothing products in the Golden Girls Workshop, which we have allocated for them in our İzmir factory, sell these products at the school fairs we organize, and distribute the income they earn as scholarships to female students.

The Golden Girls, whom we have not been able to meet for more than a year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and unfortunately we will not be able to meet for a while, made a farewell visit to us. We both remembered the old days and longed for it. Even though it was a farewell visit, we did not neglect the contract to come together again as soon as possible to support our girls. So good to have you Golden Girls!


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