“Good Practice” in Sustainability

Akar Textile is included again in the third publication of H&M’s good practices in sustainability platform! H&M portal, which is published every 3 months, gives place to suppliers who carry out good practices regarding sustainability.

As Akar Texile; our social responsibility project with İSKUR and the Mentally Disabled Association was evaluated by H&M and took its place in the best practices section.

3 of our brothers aged from 20 to 25, were initiated to work in our İzmir factory at the second quality storage unit. This was their first work experience. We took steps together with them in a new atmosphere, new friendships and a new life experience. We’ve been working and producing together for 18 months.

We don’t just see sustainability as the protection of natural resources, energy usage and waste management. We embrace sustainability in every single step taken.

Our goal is for them to work in the field completely unaccompanied. We will be doing everything in our power as Akar Textile workers to make that happen. And with this we say “welcome aboard” and wish a succesful work life.

According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; 8th Article Decent Work Agenda and Economic Growth, 10th Article Decreasing Unequality and 17th Article Partnerships for Goals are the purposes that which Akar Textile follows.

With employment projects devoted to handicapped people and temporarily protected foreigners, we will not only benefit their lives but also we will keep supporting them to to the same for themselves.

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