Human Resources

In addition to the physical and financial resources that a business, institution or organization needs to achieve its goals, the most important and powerful resource is human. The raw material of a produced product, the facility where it is produced and its investment power are important. However, the power that designs, develops, produces and markets them is human. In this context, to guide people effectively and efficiently in achieving the goals of the institution by recognizing, evaluating and understanding, in other words, managing this resource is the duty and responsibility of human resources.

Akar Textile Human Resources

Akar Textile, which started production in 2004, it spread its production areas to different cities as of 2019. Later, it opened its facilities in Manisa and Mardin after Izmir, and today it is among the largest ready-to-wear manufacturers in the Aegean Region with its human resources for about 3 thousand people.

Acting with the motto of “Sustainable Textile” at every stage of production, from the correct and effective use of natural resources to the management of waste resources, from material selection to industrial relations, Akar Textile follows and implements legal, transparent and up-to-date procedures in harmony and cooperation with its organized union in human resources management.

Akar Textile, which started production in an area of ​​100 thousand square meters, 50 thousand square meters of which is closed, in 2015 with the increase in production volume and the growing need for employment, today, continues its production rapidly by increasing its production area to 200 thousand square meters and the number of staff for about 3 thousand with its factories in Izmir, Manisa and Mardin.

Akar Textile, which focuses on sustainability in every step of production, from R&D projects to production tools, from material selection to energy use, from investments to human resource selection, acts within the framework of social responsibility and ethical values ​​with all its stakeholders, primarily its employees, from its sub-suppliers to its customers.

“By adopting technology-supported, innovative and flexible production methods and approaches in all its processes, Akar Textile has taken its strong and experienced Human Resources to its center, and grows on employment and investment.”

Akar Textile, aiming to be a leading knit garment manufacturer in its region, acts on the following principles:

  • To develop and grow continuously by combining its current values ​​with its targets and strategies,
  • To ensure continuity in quality. In this direction, reaching and increasing the target quality level with a planned and systematic management and organization in all units of Akar Textile from A to Z,
  • To establish and develop long-term relationships with customers,
  • In addition to industrial relations such as worker health and occupational safety and the requirements of labor law, to always act on the basis of sustainability in areas such as environment, energy consumption, use of natural resources, waste resource management and development of production,
  • To increase the quality of the management and employees and to carry out activities for the employees to improve themselves and to raise their standards by including environmental training.

Akar Textile HR Policies and Procedures

Akar Textile, which is among the top 10 ready made clothing companies in the Aegean Region with an export capacity of nearly 30 million pieces per year, implements the following policies and procedures in the context of human resources:
• Social Compliance / Sustainability Policy,
• Wishes, Suggestions and Complaints Policy and Procedure,
• Anti-Discrimination Policy,
• Freedom of Organization Policy,
• Prevention of Harassment and Abuse Policy and Procedure,
• Forced Labor Prevention Policy,
• Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy and Procedure,
• Environmental Policy,
• Occupational Health and Safety Policy,
• Policy for the Prevention of Child Labor.
In addition to these indispensable procedures for Akar Textile, policies and procedures were established for all departments, especially the quality management system. It manages the implementation process of these and provides information at every stage of the process.

Our Human Resources Vision

To implement systems and practices that will make a difference in human resources and textile / ready made clothing sectors and add value to the customer-focused brand target.

Our Human Resources Mission

To make a difference in its field with innovative systems suitable for brand excitement and human resources structure that creates value for company employees.

Akar Textile Employment Process

As Akar Textile, our strength is based on our strong, competent and dynamic staff. We create our potential by creating a working environment based on mutual trust and respect. In addition, we fully use our potential by supporting participation.
Before and / or after the first meeting with the Human Resources Department, before and / or after the meeting with the relevant department managers of the candidates who pass the pre-selection, Akar Textile, accepts and undertakes that all applicants will not be discriminated against in any way, such as language, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, pregnancy, military service, marriage.
Selection of personnel who will ensure the continuity of the business, adopt the objectives and show the characteristics required by the determined job, is carried out within specified systems such as orientation and trial period.

Our candidates can apply for jobs;

By applying in person and filling out our corporate application form,

By applying to our open positions on internet job search portals that we are a member of,

The first interviews for job applications are made by the Human Resources Department, and suitable candidates are interviewed with the relevant unit managers.
The candidate who is deemed appropriate to start the job is given the "List of Documents for Job" and is asked to be in the workplace on the notified job starting date.

Work Life in Akar Textile

In addition to a general orientation training in order to be familiar with our company, culture and business processes more closely, general training such as occupational health and safety is also provided to all our new employees.


Students from vocational high schools, and associate degree or undergraduate degree students whose insurance is provided by their schools within the scope of compulsory internship can apply to our Human Resources department. After the interview, suitable candidates can do their internships at our current factory or general directorate, if needed.

Wage Management

All our hourly wage employees are paid within the framework of 8-level competency scale determined by taking work and time works within the scope of fair wage management. Within the scope of collective bargaining agreements, our unionized employees receive Continuity Bonus, Family Assistance and Competency Pay in addition to their base salaries.

 There is a competency-based remuneration system for our administrative staff. In our company, all salary payments are calculated on net wages.

Our company has the following boards,
• Performance Board,
• Meal Board,
• Women Board,
• Wishes and Complaints Board,
• Disabled Persons Board,
• Disciplinary Board,
• Occupational Health and Safety Board