We are the First and Only LEED Certified Green Factory of the Southeastern Anatolia Region

Our factory in Mardin Savur, where we started production in July 2020, has been awarded the LEED Certificate, which represents the leadership in energy and environmental design! The LEED Certificate, developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and awarded after evaluations, is known as the world’s most respected green building evaluation system within the scope of sustainability.

The evaluation process, which takes place with a completely voluntary application, is handled in 7 different categories:

  • Sustainable Sites,
  • Water Efficiency,
  • Energy and Atmosphere,
  • Material and Resources,
  • Indoor Environmental Quality,
  • Innovation,
  • Regional Priority Credits,
  • Settlement and Transportation.

What did we do?

  • We achieved 74 percent water efficiency with the gray water system and 43 percent water efficiency with the sensor armatures,
  • All measures were taken to prevent pollution from construction; the wastes generated in the construction were conveyed to the recycling companies,
  • The outer shell, windows, roof elements and all mechanical equipment of the factory have been selected from sustainable materials that can provide energy conservation. Our factory was built 22 percent more energy efficient than the reference building,
  • Solid waste and recycling points were created,
  • Electric vehicle charging stations and parking lots were established,
  • ASHRAE standards were taken into account in ensuring the indoor air quality of the factory. It is designed to provide fresh air values ​​by increasing a minimum of 30 percent above the prerequisite,
  • LED lighting was preferred with its environmentally friendly structure and long service life, which does not contain toxic chemicals,
  • Materials with sustainability criteria were preferred in material selection. Materials that make up more than 25 percent of the total material cost were selected from recycled materials with sustainability certificates.

And when the infrastructure works are completed, our Mardin factory will be able to produce its own electricity.

Our next goal is to increase our LEED score and to always consider sustainability in our new investments.

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