Master Teaching Training For Our Employees in Our Kula Factory

Our Kula Factory also participated in the “Master Teaching” training program initiated by the Ministry of National Education throughout the country with the aim of creating a qualified workforce by developing professional knowledge and skills, and gave its first graduates.

Our 7 employees, who work in the fields of quality, ironing and sewing, and graduated from the fashion design department in high school, were entitled to receive  the “Master Teaching Certificate” after being succesful in the exam held after the training. Our employees who are entitled to receive the Master Trainer Certificate; while they are officially entitled to provide training, they can also rise within the company along with their development.

This time, 60 of our employees participated in the training program, which was reopened as of March. We congratulate all our employees who participated in the trainings and wish them success in their work.


Courses given to Master Trainer candidates in the 200-hour training program:

  • Apprenticeship and Vocational Education Principles,
  • Educational Psychology,
  • Communication and Training Tools in Education,
  • Occupational Analysis and Preparation of Curriculum,
  • Workshop and Vocational Education Teaching Methods,
  • Measurement and Evaluation in Teaching,
  • Job Quality and Cost Relationships,
  • Work Safety.

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