The change in production and consumption habits in the recent 30-40 years directly affected fashion and design. In addition, fashion trends have started to change much faster than in the past. While this rapid change of trends facilitates the accessibility of fashion financially, it shortens the life of fashion or, in other words, constantly renews fashion.

The rapid consumption of fashion and production in the world directly affects the Turkish textile industry, which has an important share in exports. Turkish Textile, which continues its investments in this direction by competing with the production speed in the world, maintains its centuries-old weaving experience in today’s technology and is distinguished from its competitors with its quality production.

Production at Akar Textile

Akar Textile, which continues to grow by increasing its production units with an assertive policy, contributes to the economy of the region and the country in employment and exports with its new investments. Akar Textile, which is among the largest textile producers of the Aegean Region with its nearly 3 thousand personnel and production areas reaching 200 thousand square meters, makes production for many global ready made clothing brands.

Akar Textile, which started its production life in Izmir in 2004, continues with the factories established in Manisa Kula in 2018 and Mardin Savur in 2020, adopts and applies the understanding of sustainable production.

Sustainable Production

Akar Textile, where the traces of the sustainability can be seen in many areas from the Design Center to R&D projects, from social responsibility projects to industrial relations; confirms this with his last investment in Mardin Savur, the region’s first and only LEED Certified textile factory.

In addition to production means, Akar Textile making the biggest investment in its human resources, which makes production, aims to produce in Izmir, Manisa and Mardin with a total of 4 thousand personnel in 2021.

Production Areas

Desgin and Model Pattern

Akar Textile, which adopts investment and employment-oriented growth as a mission, reflects its sustainable production understanding to its investments. The only unchangeable criterion in mission and vision of Akar Textile, one of the biggest knitwear manufacturers in the region, is sustainability.  It is taking steps to become a manufacturer preferred by its customers by offering ready-made garments suitable for fast production with its original and special designs.

Akar Textile, which creates over 10 thousands collections annually with its 15-person Design Center, thanks to its Sample Preparation Department consisting of 50 experienced machinists and 15 mold makers, has an annual sample preparation capacity of 100 thousands samples.

Cutting Section

Akar Textile spreads on 20 tables in its cutting sections in Izmir, Manisa and Mardin, cuts with 5 cutters. Akar Textile with a monthly total cutting capacity of over 2 millions, has all the necessary infrastructure for fast and safe production with fully automatic computerized cutting machines that require precision and speed.

The fabrics coming from the fabric warehouse are cut according to the number of products by means of advanced machines and labeling is done with barcode systems. All these processes are monitored and recorded instantly with the ERP system from beginning to end.


The laboratory of Akar Textile, which is accredited by many brands, in the Izmir factory, performs tests and controls with all necessary devices such as washing machines, drum, PH meter, pilling device, pull test device, shaker device, drying oven, friction fastness device and light cabinet, etc.

Tests such as testcf to water, Cf to perspiration, appearance after 5 times wash, dimensional stability to hausehold laundering, pilling resistance – pilling resistance, box, twisting, PH, cf to dry rubbing / wet rubbing, Cf to household laundering, sublimation, cf to saliva, accersories, pull test, nickel test and printing test, etc. are carried out in the Akar Textile Laboratory. Reporting and archiving in accordance with customer requirements are also carried out in the accredited laboratory.

Sewing Section

Akar Textile carries out its production of sewing sections with 20 bands consisting of 40 people at each band. It carries out sewing operations with a total of 800 sewing operators. In addition, the control of each operation is made by the process control teams, which are separate in all bands, and the products are sewn in the best quality.

In addition, all kinds of “Product Safety” systems preferred in baby and children’s clothing production and in accordance with customer requests, are a routine step in the production process at Akar Textile. As from the beginning to the last step of production, all bands in the sewing section are instantly monitored with the boards and their performances are monitored by the ERP system and all relevant units are controlled.

Decorative Operations

Akar Textile contributes to production in special departments created for decorative operations of all products in İzmir, Manisa and its last facility Kula. In addition to octopus machines that can perform all kinds of printing including panel printing for printing operations in an area of ​​1,300 square meters, sample tables and fixing machines are also used in decorative operations. In addition to these, in the embroidery section, which is established on an area of ​​900 square meters, state-of-the-art embroidery machines successfully perform all kinds of embroidery operations. In the press section, which is included in production in an area of ​​100 sqm, all operations needed for the decorative process from transfer printing to sublimation printing and stone setting, are included in Akar Textile as part of the production. During the production process, all products are tracked and recorded at all stages and the best results are obtained thanks to the relevant software.

Fabric and Accessory Warehouse

In the fabric and accessory warehouse sections, which have a total area of 7 thousand square meters and are monitored instantly with the ERP system, processes such as

  • GKK tests,
  • Accessory compliance tests and
  • Storage Services

etc. are carried out in accordance with the requests of the customers / stakeholders.

Washing and Piece Dyeing

Akar Textile, which is the manufacturer of many global brands; also carries out washing and piece dyeing operations in its main factory in İzmir Çiğli. While providing the visual and aesthetic structures of the products, Washing and Piece Dyeing Unit working in coordination with R&D center, design center and quality units, performs moon wash, acid wash, cold dye, dry wash and batik operations successfully.

Akar Textile, which adopts and implements sustainability at every stage of production, confirms it in its Washing and Piece Dyeing Unit. While it provides 50% savings in water and energy use thanks to its renewed technological infrastructure, it makes environmentally friendly productions by reducing waste at the same rate.

Washing and Piece Dyeing Unit, which provides service with its technological infrastructure that increases efficiency and quality in production, is able to operate with a capacity approaching 3 thousand pieces a day in moon wash operations and can meet the demands of its customers at the desired deadline and quality.