R&D Center

Research and Development (R&D); is defined as all kinds of theoretical and practical creative works done systematically in designing a new product, system or software by increasing the knowledge. Production technologies, which started with the Industrial Revolution and developing day by day, reveal in many areas of the industry.

R&D studies, which increase productivity by integrating creativity and are carried out with measurable results, are considered important and supported by every society and institution open to improvement.

Akar Textile R&D Center

Akar Textile, which has witnessed closely and applied all the trends and production technologies in the ready-to-wear sector since its establishment in 2004, was entitled to receive “R&D Center Registration Certificate” by the Ministry of Industry and Technology on 3 August 2017 with the “Law No. 5746”.

Akar Textile R&D Center, which has been continuing its activities in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone since 2017, continues to work in an independent area of ​​4 thousand 856 square meters consisting of laboratory, test and prototype production areas.

Akar Textile R&D Center, which started its R&D adventure with 17 projects in 2017, has completed and implemented 5 projects as of the end of 2018, and today it continues its activities with its R&D staff, including 50 textile and industrial engineers.

Akar Textile R&D Center, which completed 6 ongoing projects in 2019, entered 2020 with 5 new projects. Akar Textile R&D Center, which was established to increase efficiency in production and currently gives life to 5 patents and 2 brands, works on sustainability-based production models.


3 August 2017 

Number of Patents


Number of R&D Brands


Number of R&D Staff


Strategies of the R&D Center

In addition to developing the original product range in line with the analysis made; Akar Textile R&D Center, which constantly examines the changing market conditions on a global scale and customer requirements directed in this direction, aims the production technologies of the future with a sustainable understanding.

It allocates increasingly the financial resources required for any structuring work that will strengthen its R&D activities and technological infrastructure opportunities in line with its R&D strategy;

Plans of the R&D Center

  • Under the light of science, to undertake works that create value for the research, development and application of innovative and sustainable production technologies,
  • To increase the current market power and to create new market opportunities,
  • To increase the budget allocated for R&D studies by 5 percent every year,
  • To increase the income of the product resulting from R&D above the annual turnover of Akar Textile,
  • By participating in award-winning competitions with innovative project ideas, to bring awards to the R&D Center, to increase the recognition of the R&D Center,
  • To make the R&D Center a science center. To take part in academic platforms, to continuously feed the R&D center with article and congress participation, and to share knowledge and experience in the sector.


In order to maintain the competitive advantage of new products introduced to the market in the following years, adopts as an R&D strategy to increase the quality and standards of the products developed, to realize the planning together with the aim of decreasing the costs.


Increasing the emphasis on R&D activities and ensuring better synchronization,it is aimed to provide continuity to the works carried out in areas such as improving and optimizing the performance and efficiency of the project / sector based product / process development process.


It is also along the targets of the R&D department in standardizing all innovations and developments and ensuring their dissemination thanks to the mechanisms that ensure information flows.

Customer Satisfaction

To ensure high customer satisfaction in new product development projects.


Akar Textile R&D Center aims to increase its share allocated for R&D activities every year and to strengthen its competent and well-equipped human resources in this field and to sustain its development. By participating in studies with universities and research centers as well as national and international research and development cooperation programs, it makes new plans to enrich the existing R&D experience and knowledge and organizes its strategies accordingly.


Akar Textile R&D Center aims to increase the employment of R&D employees with master’s and doctoral degrees, encourage participation in scientific activities, and support the publication of academic articles and papers.

Training and Development

To maintain the R&D Center without losing its effectiveness and criteria, to maintain its staff in terms of quantity and quality, to increase the number of employees with master’s and doctoral degrees.


To have an R&D center equipped with new technology, equipment, buildings / offices, test centers and equipment by increasing the share allocated for R&D studies.