There Is a Village Far Away

There is a village far away. That village is now our village too…

While we were relieving after the earthquake in Izmir, we did not forget our village or our promise.

“That village” is Kayatepe Village, located in the Savur district of Mardin, hosting our Savur factory that we put into operation in July. This is Kayatepe Sadi-Sabahattin Evrensel Primary School with 94-person in Kayatepe Village… Recently, we met with our children, who are our hopes and our future, we got to know them better, we shared their dreams about the future and we had the chance to give our winter clothing gifts. We were also happy with the gifts they prepared for us.

As Akar Textile, we are aware and follower of our responsibilities in our social responsibilities as well as in production. We express our endless gratitude towards the whole Mardin that shared our excitement, warmed us with their hospitality and embraced us since the day our factory was founded.

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