We’re Included at Turkishtime R&D in 2 Categories

In addition to innovation and efficiency in production since its establishment in 2017; Akar Textile R&D Center, which works on sustainable production models and products for the textile, health, education and software sectors, was featured in the latest issue of Turkishtime R&D.

According to the 2020 data of R&D centers approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, our R&D center was included in the list in 2 categories. Akar Textile R&D Center was ranked 332th in the list of 500 companies that spend the most on R&D studies, and 37th in the number of female personnel working in the R&D field. In the number of reports compiled according to the 2020 data of R&D centers; Statistics such as annual expenditures made by R&D centers, employment of female personnel in the field of R&D, patents and utility models and the educational status of employees are also shared.

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