Fashion Revolution 2022

We are in the 18-24 April Fashion Revolution week. This date, which includes April 24 every year, is the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster in 2013.

On April 24, 2013, with the collapse of Rana Plaza, which housed five garment factories in Dhaka, Bangladesh; 1134 textile workers lost their lives and more than 2,500 workers were injured. This disaster, which was one of the most disastrous industrial “accidents” on record, especially in Bangladesh; once again demonstrated the poor working conditions faced by workers in the garment industry all over the world.

The Rana Plaza Disaster; It gave birth to the Fashion Revolution Movement, which called on consumers to question the Brands they shopped for, so that such disasters do not happen again.

As Akar Textile; We evaluate and observe sustainability not only with an environmental focus, but also with a human dimension. Hoping that the goal of the Fashion Revolution Movement, “A transparent textile industry that puts nature and people ahead of growth and profitability”, will be the goal of the entire textile industry…

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