We Were Entitled to Receive the “Zero Waste Certificate”

With our “Sustainable Textile” principle, we not only ensure the effective and efficient use of all resources; We reduce our wastes at our source, sort them out and work to recover them.

As a result of our studies on the Zero Waste Management System that we have established in our İzmir factory; We were entitled to receive the “Zero Waste Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change.

So, what have we done within the scope of zero waste management?

We sorted a total of 15,745 kilograms of waste, 9,500 kilograms of paper and cardboard, 5,130 kilograms of plastic, 145 kilograms of metal, 70 kilograms of glass and 900 kilograms of food waste. Afterwards, we recycled it through licensed companies.

Our upcoming goals are; To increase the awareness of our employees about zero waste and raise our certification to silver level with the trainings we will provide.

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